Custom Tour
Build your own trip
for a once in a lifetime experience.
Create your own treasured memories when visiting Japan
Custom Tour
Private Chartered Tour
Coordinate your trip 
We can arrange any personalize tours in accordance with your needs.
Long-term tour-1 week or more
For an all inclusive tour that fits your comfort needs and flexible schedule.
There are many beautiful places to visit and splendid scenery to see.

Can include

Flexible planning that involve different courses.
Catering for the long term.
Accomodating to versatility.
From personal experience to big group, We offer affordable pricing for you and your wants
We can suggest not only the existing tour but also cater of your demands.
One on one, big groups, beginners,the experienced; we provide many varieties.
Transportation service to your accomodation or tours convenient with your place of stay is also available.
Educational courses are also offer, such as-kayaking technique, sea navigation, and safety, etc.
Combination of activities/tours
Our main service is Kayaking, Trekking, and SUP, but we can combine with the activities of other genres, like Cycling, Rafting, Scuba Diving , Rock Climbing, Para-Gliding, etc.
Tours can also arrange historic monument such as Temple visits and farmhouse stay and knowledge of Japanese traditions and histories.
We can also collaborate with other tour guide companies to provide an all encompassing experience
Adventure support
support for an individual adventure trip ; Seakayaking around Kii peninsula Kayaking around lake Biwa  Trekking all Kumano pilgrimage trails etc. If you require any information about the individual adventure trips, please contact us.
Media Coverage
We can coordinate with media, such as TV, Magazine, Movie, Blogs, etc. We are very knowledgeable with the surrounding areas and can share the many hidden treasures and the off the beaten path beauty with its historical significance.
Infomation cafe
In house cafe that provide information about Travel, nature, culture of Japan. An array of information with just a visit to the shop, plus many homemade refreshments.
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