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Outdoor Paradise
from coral reef to snowy mountain
Outdoor Paradice
Japan is a country full of nature’s serenity throughout the four season.During sunmmer, the hot and moist air mass call the Pacific High Pressure flows through Japan from the south sea. And during the winter time, the Japanese Islands fringes on the edge of the Siberian cold air mass. Spring and Autumn bring the seasons of the “change”. The appearance of nature changes throughout the days and weeks. From ancient times, Japanese people have great respect for nature and the ever poetically changing seasons. In that sense, their culture, arts, and religion greatly reflect this kinship towards nature.

With respect for mother nature, the biggest peninsula in Japan, Kii Peninsula remain the natural Holy Land ever since the time of old. It is like the microcosms of earth condense with a range of variety, from coral reef to snowy mountains. The warm ocean current call “Kuroshio” (Japan current) running close along the land. It carries more 500 times than the flow rate of the Amazon river. It brings warm air into the land to nourish the growth of many trees, creating lush forests which is why Kii Peninsula is rich with rain forests. In addiotion, in Kumano area, the southern tip of the Kii Peninsula, a volcano erupted about 15 million years ago, forming the toporography it has today. The mountain ranges and rock formations are still very unique. Kumano is an area crowded with sacred places. Explore Wakayama
Sea, mountains and rivers of Kii peninsula gives us a feeling of purity and provide a spiritual atmosphere. It serves the base of worship for nature and mythtical stories from thousands of years ago. With the industrialization of the country of Japan and its modernity, Japan still holds respect for its mother nature which is deeply seeded in their culture. The Buddhist temple and Shinto Shirine in this area still holds extreme old traditional values with regards to respect for nature and spirituality. In that regards, sacred sites and pilgrimage around this area have been deem as Unesco World Heritage.

Holding a wide variety of natural resources and amenities, the suburbs has attract many people’s love for outdoors adventures. It is very accessible from Kansai International Airport, and easy transpotation from big cities like Osaka or Kobe, or the ancient capital of Nara and Kyoto. This area is, also, blessed with fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables in abundance, and holds many mineral rich natural hot springs. Away from the crowded hustle and bustle of the city, it is perfect for those seeking to enjoy some leisure time in nature, learn the rich history, and experience the beautiful culture.
Sea Adventures
Sea kayaking, Sup, Snorkeling, Surfing, Wind surfing, Fishing
Complex coastline that has an abundance of inlets, caves, islands, cliffs and sandy beaches. It is the ideal destination for maritime activities. The water is warm and transparent year round due to the influence of warm ocean currents. To feel the unique dynamic but delicate wild elegance in this coastline within your body, Sea kayaking is the best option. Kii peninsula is the ultimate choice for sea kayaking.
Mountain Sports
Trekking, Hiking, Rocking Climbing, Mountain Biking, Trail running, Exploring Canyon, Climb Waterfalls
The solemnity of the rocks and freshing feeling of trees in the deep mountain ranges will give us a healing sense and openness and freedom.
River Trips
River Kayaking, White Water Rafting, River Walks
Beautiful view of green mountains looming over the river gives a nice lively feeling. Going down the pristine river with a kayak is truly a feeling of pure bliss.
Kayak is the most suitable tool to interact with nature, to talk with voices of wind and waves in the sense of unity with nature. Our tour mainly use kayaks because….
King of outdoor activity
Kayak is an almighty thing called “freedom ship” that is able to combine many kind of outdoor activities in other genre. For example, during touring, we can discover unknown caves, inlets, cliffs and deserted islands like an explorer traveling by just walking or cycling but on the water. We can use kayak as mother ship of uninhabited coastal camiping because it is able to carry more than 50kg luggage with tents, sleeping-bag, kichenware ,foods and liquors. Furthermore, it has the ability to approach places where nobody comes to, it can transform into a ship that you can fish and also explore in to unknown snorkeling points.
New discovery plenty of unknown places
Japan is narrow but very long counrty that is sourrounded by the sea. In addition, there are 6852 islands. Although a total area of Japan is only a half the size of Texas in U.S.A, the total extension distance of Japanese coastline is 30,000 km. It is the fifth longest in the world, and is also equal to the circumference of our planet earth, so a complete tour of Japan’s coastline would mean you have travel one lap around planet earth. There is a lot of places that nobody can enters because the way to there does not exsist. Only sea kayak can go into a gap of rocks and the caves and no mans beach which are not accessible by other boats.So kayaks are the most suitable tool to taste the secrets of nature of Japan as an archiperago.
Sensitive tool to hear the voices of nature
Kayaks are like a well-tuned musical instrument to listen to the voices of nature such as wind, tide and waves.Japanese culture is based on the influences of nature, to feel the nature from deep in our hearts and express it as art, literture, architecture, phirosophy.Therefore kayaking will help you know thoroughly about natures and cultures of Japan.We hold tour for all level. Beginners are welcome.We teach even the inexperiences with cares.
A terminal that connects the urban and natural location, a hub that bridges all the foreign countries and the outdoor lovers of Kii Peninsula, that is our shop. Right in front of the shop are beaches that allows you to immediately enjoy the marine activities.

We have been running for more than a decade without any incident. We have the knowledge in this field that is second to none.

Tsuyoshi Hirata the representative of our shop is a sea kayaking adventurer and have accomplished a sea kayak voyage around all of Japan. An expert that have experienced kayaking 20 different countries.

The shop also provides cafe along with food and drinking. You can also get many informations about traveling and local activities. In addition, the use of the CD musics and books library are also offered while relaxing in a hammock.
Stand up Paddle board started from Hawaii have gained worldwide popularity because it is a good tool to feel the ocean vibes for anyone regardless of age or sex.

Not to mention the style to move leisurely over the sea and to enjoy scenery, it is superior as a fitness and exercise tool because paddling a SUP board requires full body movement.

SUP YOGA is also a popular as the thing which can let natural intentions and healthy intentions fuse in a good balance. Right in front of our shop is the sea ,so you can immediately enjoy it. SUP
The pilgrimage trail called “Kumano Kodo” and “koyasan Chouishi Michi”provides access to the sacred places in the Kii peninsula from the old times are consider by Unesco as a World Heritage now.

The only other Pilgrimage trail becoming a world heritage is in Spain “Santiago de Compostela” and now Kumano-kodo and Koyasan Chouishi-Michi, it is very rare.

By walking on the pilgrimage road, we can share the same sense with ancient people more than the times and it will become a trip to touch with the living history. In addition there are an innumerable high quality courses on the nameless trail and mountain. Deep mountains of Kii peninsula full with a wide variety of charm that there’s never enough time to experience it all in the lifetime.
Cycling, Trail running, Rafting, Scuba diving, Rock climbing, Farm staying, We can arrange all that were mentioned upon your request.
We sell kayak equipment and outdoor gears.

Among them, we recommend the folding kayak that can be carry by car and for airplane travel. You can also store it in the closet of your apartment.

A great kayak to be able to enjoy enywhere around the world. It is a reliable quality made in Japan. Most folding kayaks are not sold in other countries. It is OK to take home by air, or also possible to be send by international mail. Product
We have beautiful 4 seasons
Spring Mid.March to Mid.June
Cherry blossoms Viewing is one of the special tradition in Japan, it can be enjoy during trekking and kayaking tour(during the first and second week of April).After that is the seasons when the wind is soothing and the luscious beautiful greenery emerges.
Summer Mid.June to Mid.September
The season when the calm condition increases and water temperature gets warmer. From July to September is most suitable for playing in the water. Sea kayaking with snorkeing, River kayaking with river activities (catching river shrimps, etc) and SUP is popular in summer time.
Autumn Mid.September to Mid.December
A great season for outdoors activities because of comfortable weather conditions. Moreover the seawater temperature is still warm enough, it is best season for kayak touring. When autumn deepens, the changing colored leaves are extremely beautiful.
Winter Mid.December to Mid.March
The most suitable for trekking. It is exquisite to walk in the unique atmosphere and see the withering process that winter offers. Snow shoes trekking is a valuable experience that winter brings. The landscape of the mountsains full of snow from the kayak is breathtaking beauty.
Most suitable for