Yuasa-wan Bay Sea Kayak Tour
Beginners are welcome.
There will be an informative lecture on skills and safely so that you can enjoy tour safely.
(If it is your very first time, or you are uncomfortable with single kayak, we recommend tandem kayaks that can still give you access to many beautiful places.)
Full Day Tour Most popular tour
Includes; lunch, insurrance,Onsen(hot spring)
12,000yen/per person
Coastal touring or uninhabited island hopping. After a paddling lecture, we begin the tour. You can taste the dynamics and the delicacy of the sea which gives a great feeling for adventure.(you can enjoy snorkeling during tour in summer) .Single participation is OK.

Most popular tour

The main guide Tsuyoshi Hirata is well-experinenced sea kayaking adventurer who is the pioneer to built the kayak scene of Wakayama, and know this field more than anyone else. It takes a certain reputable guide to consider all aspect of kayaking in a sense of judgement. The guide have to take into consideration to read the wind and the waves and to decide the best route for the tour. We have continue to maintain accident free since 2004, the establishment of business.We consider our costumer safety the priority.
※Shuttle service from Yuasa station offered.see more→
Half Day Tour
7,000yen/per person
A course for family with child and group to enjoy together. After paddling class, we start light coastal touring. You can enjoy viewing caves and cliffs filled with the natural beauty.
※No shuttle service, taxi can be taken from Yuasa station (~1000yen).
Sunset Tour
(depend on sunset time)
7,000yen/per person
Kayaking the beautiful sea at dusk. On clear day, the sky and sea surface reflections changes every second projected beautiful colors in each other. It is also beautiful on cloudy days during dusk when the rain is gentle. Return after sunset.
※No shuttle service, taxi can be taken from Yuasa station (~1000yen).
Sunset and Night TourMay to September
(depend on sunset time)
10,000yen/per person
It is the “Sunset Tour” extended. So, after experience with kayaking the sea in the dusk, we will enjoy fantastic night marine walk and can see bioluminescence plankton glow in the sea a mysterious blue light. Bio meaning “life” and luminescence meaning “light” grows all over the world but not visible everywhere. The experience is like walking in space.

※ Reserve for experienced person only. For people with no experiences, you can join the full day tour during the daytime and continue with this tour on the same day. In that case, full tour is 20,000 yen total.

※No shuttle service, taxi can be taken from Yuasa station (~1000yen). It is also recommended to find accommodation around the area since the tour will finish late at night.
Camping kayak Tour(2days 1night)
9:00-next day 15:00
(depend on sunset time)
25,000yen/per person
We go round the shorelines of the Yuasawan bay and camp at the beautiful uninhabited beach. Dinner will be made with open-air fire by the driftwood and share amongst group. The sound of the sea breaking on the shore in BGM and deepen the friendship with everybody at night.

※Shuttle service from Yuasa station offered.
Sea kayak
Sea kayak is an excellent ship that will give you a feeling of freedom that can deeply connect with you and the vibes of the sea. It is very fun to cross the sea and go round the secret spots not accessible by land. Sea perspective overlooking the view of horizon is compelling and impressive; it is a kind of insightful experience. With the sense of realism and a feeling of oneness with the sea is very soothing. There is a deep healing effect to the heart and the body.
The nearest Sea kayaking field from international airport in Japan
The uninhabited archiperago with mysterious caves, wild cliffs, and sandy beach that shines beautifully. Only the knowledgeable experts in the field can show you where the unknown places are hidden.
Suhara coast
1. Suhara coast
in front of our shop, a very good place for practicing kayak and SUP. Beautiful sunset views.
Obama coast
2. Obama coast
beautiful sandy beach.Good place to enjoy lunch, SUP, and beach Yoga.
Yabitsu coast
3. Yabitsu coast
Wild cliffs and hidden beaches where only kayak can approach.
Cape Miyazaki-no-hana
4. Cape Miyazaki-no-hana
A superb view of the impressive rock formations, dynamic cliffs and caves.
Kenashi jima Island
5. Kenashi jima Island
Kenashi means “No hair”.Small uninhabited island where plant life does not grow.The rock formation is similar to a picture of Picasso.
Karumo-jima Island.
6. Karumo-jima Island.
This island is where full day tour visits most often. The beautiful island where a virtuous Buddhist monk of 800 years ago wrote a love letter for this island.
Takashima Island
7. Takashima Island
where the maritime people who went on long-distance voyage lived in 5,000 years ago.
Kuroshima Island
8. Kuroshima Island
the island of many stratum form from 400 million years ago, consist of more than 100 caves.
Tsurushima Island
9. Tsurushima Island
the island is separated by a narrow channel. The island have very clear transparent sea water.
Cape Shirasaki
10. Cape Shirasaki
A white limestone that is ountain-sized. The atmosphere of a different dimension.
SUP Program
Sup lesson for beginners(1.5 hour)
09:00-10:30 11:00-12:30 5,000yen/per person
13:00-14:30 15:00-16:30
SUP Program
Sup Trip
Yuasa-wan Bay or around Yuasa area(move to launching place by company car)
Half days
7000yen (9:00~12:00or 13:00~16:00)
full day
12,000yen (9:00~16:00 with lunch)
Time Table Sample (Yuasa full day tour)
Time Table
We can provide
Kayaks, Paddle, life Jacket and other paddling equipment. As well as Snorkeling gear for summer time.
What to bring
☆Swimsuit or dry underlayer (thing to wear under afterwards or wet suit)
☆Wet shoes (water shoes, sports sandal, and sneakers are OK)
☆Rain jacket or Anorak(for waterproof and windproof jacket, except mid-summer)
☆Pants(none cotton, short pants in summer ,long pants in the other 3 seasons)
☆Hat (with brim. Baseball Cap is best. Hats that will not get blown off by wind)
☆Long sleeve T-shirt (good ones are synthetic fibers such as polyester.
Cotton is Not Good because it is difficult to dry once wet)
☆Drinks (sports drinks is best. plastic bottle 500cc degree, 1000cc/summer time)
☆Sunscreen(sunbeam and sun reflection is very strong at sea)
☆Light snack (eat during kayaking, ex, cookies or candy) 
☆glasses with band(A person with glasses) 
☆ Disposable changing casting contact lens (person with contact lens)
☆ Sunglasses(Even if not uses, it is strongly recommended to be protected from ultraviolet lights)
☆ Passport (In case an accident occurs. Secure storage is available)plus for winter
☆Fleece (inner wear under a jacket or anorak. Dress well for cold weather. )
☆Gloves (Even if just chloro plain and neoprene gloves to prevent a numb hand is still better).
What to bring
Cherry blossom viewing Kayak tour
from the surface of water
Seasonally limited tour. Offer during the first and second week of April.
Touring the backwater area of Reed located in Lake Biwa, is a calm surface that has a maze-like waterway. A relaxing feel to savor the unique atmosphere. Cherry Blossom flowers of spring blooms on the shore and along the waterways, and also tree-lined tunnel. You can enjoy cherry blossom only in kayaks, paddling the narrow waterway. You will be able to fully let yourself go and know that you will never be lost as you follow the water passage. You can fully immerse yourself with the iconic Japan scenery, ancient traditions and get a feel for Japan land lost in time.¥14,000see details
●Around Yuasa Trekking
There are many mountains suitable for trekking around Yuasa. Which mountains to trek will be dependent on condition and weather of the day. In any case, we will gather at Yuasa Station (or another station)at 8:40 am. Everyone will get pick up and driven to the destination9:00~15:00
minimum 2-max 30 people
●Koyasan Chouishi-Michi pilgrimage trail
world helitage trail
It takes 8-9hours, 20km walk.

When the great buddhist monk “Kuukai””opened Mt. Koya-san, he has put up a wooden stupa along the way so that a person of prayer can walk without needing any guidance. A stone pillar approximately 3 meters in height called “Chouishi” is built every one step (approximately 109 meters) and brings people to the top of the mountain.
People would walk pass every single maker stone with their hands held together in prayer and respect.
Today the site has become a world heritage site as one of the “Kii Mountains sacred sites and pilgrimage”. In addition, the only other pilgrimage way that has become the world heritage is in Spain “Santiago de compostela”. Of course we can easily go to Mt. Koya-san by car, but there is value to venture like a true pilgrim to the Holy Land with the traditional way by foot. 6:00-15:00
minimum 4-max 20 people
●Kumano-kodo pilgrimage trail
The total distance of the Kumano ancient trail is more than 300 km, but we pick a part of the trail that can be done around 5hrs a day for the tour. Which trails will be depending on the theme and your request.9:00~15:00
minimum 4-max 30 people
Island Stream
Access to Our Shop
●By car
Go down the Hanwa highway, Gobo, Yuasa road. Follow signs for “Arida interchange”; Shop is ten minutes
●By train
Taxi is about 1000yen from Yuasa station.
※Full day tour booking can get pick up from Yuasa station (reservation required)
Recommend Accomodation
●Yuasa Castle
It is in the form of a unique Castle(replica)
accommodation. Includes hot spring facilities.
Yuasa Castle
●Arida Orange Youth Hostel
A hostel approx.. 3 min walk from our shop. Perfect for those traveling on a budget.
see details
●Suhara Onsen Hotel
Well-established hot spring hotel which follows from the Meiji era(more than 100 years ago), and also have a good reputation for delicious seafood.
How to make Reservation
Let us know what tour you prefer, number of party, traveling schedule by email, by telephone is also possible.
Confirmation of schedule and reservations ( payment by email via pay pal is an option)
Planning and commitments. How you will arrive, place of stay before and after tour, etc.
Cancellation Policy
There will be a cancellation fee if you choose to cancel.
Up to 7 days prior to the tour day=free charge
6 days-up to 4 days before=30%
3 day-2 days before= 50%
1 day before= 70% / 1 day before or after 18: 00 = 90%
on the day=100%

●If we decide that operation of the tour is impossible due to sea conditions, weather condition, change of dates may happen or change to the other activities or full refund of tour charge.

●In case of the sea condition, Guides will decide the tour operation by wind or wave conditions not by rain. If rain is calm, tour is still carry out. There can also be cases of fine weather but wind conditions are strong and waves are deem dangerous, tour can still be cancel

●When tour is call off during the day of the tour, we can discuss and decide about repayment.