A genuine and deep experience
Main activity=Kayaking and Trekking, Hiking

We can choose the ones that best suits your needs and provide a unique experience off the beaten path.
You can enjoy the beautiful outdoor life and revel in the peaceful serenity of nature.
There are so many hidden treasure that almost no one knows(only local fishermans know) along the Japan’s coastline, is equal to the circumference of our planet earth. Kayaking is the best way to experience the true intrinsic value of Japan. In addition, the mountains ranges offer many oppotunity for trekking/hiking and experience with the pilgrimage routes.
We can offer you the best experience in Japan, with knowledgeable guides.
A genuine and deep experience
A genuine and deep experience
Private Chartered Tour
(basically one group, max 2 groups)
(we accept only one person consultation)
Smaller group tour will give a good chance to build connections with genuine nature.
Places that are more accessible with smaller groups and to better manage the dynamics of individual needs within a group. Everyone’s request is important and will be address. It is important for small group tour to be multi-days for a true outdoor experience and appreciate what mother nature has to offer and take the time to relax and enjoy a peaceful experience.
We can arrange a tour depend on your travel plan and the weather condition,frequentry.

1: Choose a tour that fits your choices in the menu list.

2: Let us know of your request and schedule.

3: Everything is adjustable and can be discuss via email (payment by Pay Pal is an option).

4: Specific details would ensure an ideal trip so please provide us with full details such as place of stay before and after tour, your itinerary, and tour style preference i.e camping or hotel stay,etc. We also need to discuss about meeting places, approach method, etc.

5:Activities of interest-depending on the day’s condition-ex. If weather does not permit kayaking then a mix of trekking with other adventure.
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In this case, please contact us by E-mail or contact form.
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☆Rates include;
All meals(except breakfast of first day and dinner of the last day),Accomodations, Kayak gears, Outdoor Equipments (Tent, Matress ,Sleeping bag, stove,etc)
Trip Area
Trip Area
Around Yuasa
Highly recommended for beginners
(North &middle part of Wakayama Pref)
There are so many wonderful places with plenty of hidden caves, looming sea cliffs made from white limestone, and uninhibited islands, along the coastline. A safe location for beginners and surrounding mountains provide an occasion for trekking as well. Conveniently locate right outside our shop so access is simple.
Hotel or Camping
3days 2night 80,000yen/each person
6days 5night 200,000yen/each person
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Nanki Area
(South part of Wakayama Pref.)
With forcible warm ocean current called “Kuroshio (Japan Current)” that washes the coastline with a lively roar, this is where mother nature shows her might, along with beautiful, flowing river views. In addition, Nanki Area encompass the Kumano pilgrimage way of the world heritage that provide a great chance to experience the Japanese old culture and their ancestors.
Hotel or Camping
3days 2night 100,000yen/each person
6days 5night 220,000yen/each person
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Kumano&Ise Area
(south east of Kii peninsula)
The proud of complicated shoreline shows the beauty of the Rias coast. It offers many hidden lagoon, steep cliff, majestic rock formation that are only accessible by kayaking. Trekking of the mountains give a calming and spiritual atomospher that will bring you a feel of the ancient time.
Hotel or Camping
3days 2night 120,000yen/each person
6days 5night 240,000yen/each person
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Shikoku Area
Sea, mountains, and rivers all dynamic and rich in variety. If you can afford more time it will be worth your while because of the arrays of places to visit. It include the pilgrimage path of the old days and the kind locals who are very welcoming to traveler.
Hotel or Camping
3days 2night 130,000yen/each person
6days 5night 260,000yen/each person
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Setouchi Area
With 1000-plus archiperago islands, Setouchi offers the opportunities to island hop and camp. Unforgettable scenary of the Islands, unique tidal currents, rustic fishing villages, sandy beaches, and traditional living of Japanese culture will give you a the memory of a lifetime.
3days 2night 120,000yen/each person
6days 5night 160,000yen/each person
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Nihonkai Area
Summer limited
A coast that offer unique geological rock faces and cliff formations and remarkable cave developmens.The azure water and sun-kiss summer days will wash your body and soul of all troubles.
Hotel or Camping
3days 2night 130,000yen/each person
6days 5night 260,000yen/each person
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Trip Style
Trip Style
Hotel or Camping
Please choose either
Based on hotel in area. Every morning we will pick you up and send you to tour field.
※You can enjoy three activities or fields according to the weather condition of the day for 3 days.
We will stay in the wild in tents with private outdoor party along nature trip.
C:Mix of Hotel and Camping
For example, in the case of 6days 5night tour. We can offer 2 nights hotel and 3 nights camping or any other combination. Arrangements are adjustable.
The inexperience will be provided a time line for a lecture on optimizing your maneuvers and safety. Furthermore, we recommend an accompanied tour of “Yuasa-wan bay Full day kayak tour” accessible right outside of the shop the day before other multi-day trips.
The weather of Japan is very unpredictable and require frequent updates. Safety is our main concern, therefore, our guides carefully take into considerations of weather conditions, wind speed, and tidal changes. We may require to alter the plans accordingly. In case of typhoon and stormy weather, tour may be cancel or reschedule. Refund will be discuss in such case.
We have a good kayak trailor so we can move all around Japanese coastline. We have a good kayak trailor so we can move all around Japanese coastline.